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Comprehensive Brazilian city code information, including IBGE codes, wikidata IDs and URN LEX labels. Provided as a Simple Data Format Data Package (see datapackage.json visualization).

Brazilian city names and official codes of 5570 municipalities.

Collaborative updating

See Collaborative spreadsheet editor and Wikidata references.

Periodic dumps: please, to update dumps run

  • php src/etc/dumpWikidata.php to update data/dump_wikidata, *.json files at each state-folder.
  • php src/dumpOsm.php geo to update data/dump_osm, *.geojson files at each state-folder.

Stable versions

See homologation process after each cicle of update.


  • IBGE data in bulk of "Organizaçao do Território Brasileiro/Divisão Territorial",

  • List of all municipalities (Wikipedia and source of Wikidata links)

  • CEP

Other links