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Datasets server

Datasets project solves problem with organizing data sets. It also tries to ensure experiment consistency and repeatability by data set immutability, unique identification, usage and change logs.

This project is inspired by:

Data set discovery and identification is based on presence of the file dataset .yaml.

Complementary projects

Data set properties

  • id - UUID
  • name - Human readable name
  • maintainer - Email to person responsible for the data set
  • tags - Data set tags for simple identification
  • internal - Denotes if the data set is not publicly available
  • data - Paths to folders with data (inside the data set path)
  • url - Public url for the data set
  • from - id of the parent data set


  • type - "fs" for the filesystem
  • changelog - Changes detected in the data set
  • usages - Reported usages (from the lib)

Generated from the fs:

Fields starting with _ are paths in the container (changed based on storage_replace to final fields - path ...)

  • paths, _paths - Path to data set
  • links, _links - Symlinks pointing to the data set
  • markdowns, _markdowns - Markdown files found in the data set
  • characteristics - Generated statistics of the data set (size, number of files, extensions)


  • database_path - Where the LMDB should be stored
  • iter_file_limit - When searching dataset.yaml folders with more then this count won't be scanned
  • datasets - paths to folders used for scanning
  • storage_replace - Replace the container paths with the real ones

Storage types

Data sets may be added trough the API or with the file system analysis. Other sources like HDFS or databases may be added.

The system is currently used with distributed FS (MooseFS - similar to GFS or Ceph) mounted with FUSE. Local FS will also work great.


Any key-value database is ok. Right now local LMDB is used.

Other database may be used by adding connector with storage.Storage interface. Aerospike will be officially supported soon.


  • data set monitoring + email notifications


docker-compose up dev

Feel free to contribute.

Copyright and License

© 2016 Vít Listík

Released under MIT license