Java client to interface with DataSift
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DataSift API

This is the new Java library for accessing DataSift. See the tests and examples folder for some simple usage. This version of the library is currently in alpha. It is incompatible with older versions. If you used a 2.x.x or lower version of the library then we have written a migration guide to help the transition. See

Getting Started

Read our Java Getting Started Guide to get started with the DataSift platform. The guide will take you through creating a DataSift account, and activating data sources which you will need to do before using the DataSift API.

Many of the examples and API endpoints used in this library require you have enabled certain data sources before you can receive any data (you should do this at Certain API features, such as Historics and Managed Sources will require you have signed up to a monthly subscription before you can access them.

If you are interested in using these features, or would like more information about DataSift, please get in touch!


The following libraries are required Netty, Higgs.IO, HighScale lib and JUnit for testing. For License

All code contained in this repository is Copyright 2011-2015 MediaSift Ltd.

This code is released under the BSD license. Please see the LICENSE file for more details.