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HubFlow: A Git extension to make it easy to use GitFlow with GitHub. Based on the original gitflow extension for git.
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git-hf-release Fix: refactored code, standardised sanity checks, dropped unused comm… Feb 28, 2013
git-hf-support Renamed from git-flow to hubflow (or git hf) May 24, 2012
git-hf-update Fix: make sure git hf update always returns to the right branch after… Apr 8, 2013
git-hf-upgrade Added git hf upgrade command May 25, 2012
git-hf-version Added git hf upgrade command May 25, 2012
hubflow-common Fix: stop using empty pathspecs Jan 31, 2018
hubflow-shFlags Installer tweaks, fixes #31, fixes #32 Mar 22, 2013


Adds the 'git hf' Git extension to provide high-level repository operations for DataSift's HubFlow branching model, which is based on Vincent Driessen’s original blog post.


  1. git clone
  2. cd gitflow
  3. sudo ./

Windows users will need something like Cygwin in order to use this extension.

Upgrading To The Latest Version

Upgrading to the latest version of the HubFlow tools is very easy:

  1. sudo git hf upgrade

Getting Started

See our tutorial website to learn more about the GitFlow branching model and how to use the HubFlow tools.


To see what's new in each release, see our Changelog.

License Terms

HubFlow is published under the liberal terms of the BSD License, see the LICENSE file. Although the BSD License does not require you to share any modifications you make to the source code, you are very much encouraged and invited to contribute back your modifications to the community, preferably in a Github fork, of course.

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