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Compact Language Detector 2

This is a fork of, with added features for enabling a more liberal approach to language detection, where weaker answers are less likely to be discarded. This fork may be more suitable for smaller input samples where a potentiallly weak answer is more useful than no answer at all.

To enable the new behaviour call using the new kCLDFlagLiberal flag.


This fork was created using the git-svn plugin:

git svn clone -s
git checkout -b develop

Changes from the subversion origin should be pulled into the master branch, you can then either rebase or merge the develop branch:

git checkout master
git svn init
git svn fetch

git checkout develop
git merge master


By default lib(64) and include files will be installed to /usr, you can change the install prefix by setting PREFIX.

make check
sudo make install PREFIX=/opt/cld2