Package sanitize provides functions for sanitizing text in golang strings.
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Package sanitize provides functions to sanitize html and paths with go (golang).


sanitize.Accents(s string) string

Accents replaces a set of accented characters with ascii equivalents.

sanitize.BaseName(s string) string

BaseName makes a string safe to use in a file name, producing a sanitized basename replacing . or / with -. Unlike Name no attempt is made to normalise text as a path.

sanitize.HTML(s string) string

HTML strips html tags with a very simple parser, replace common entities, and escape < and > in the result. The result is intended to be used as plain text.

sanitize.HTMLAllowing(s string, args...[]string) (string, error)

HTMLAllowing parses html and allow certain tags and attributes from the lists optionally specified by args - args[0] is a list of allowed tags, args[1] is a list of allowed attributes. If either is missing default sets are used.

sanitize.Name(s string) string

Name makes a string safe to use in a file name by first finding the path basename, then replacing non-ascii characters.

sanitize.Path(s string) string

Path makes a string safe to use as an url path.