A Visual Studio solution template for an ASP.NET Core website using Datasilk Core MVC & Core JS, Selector.js (jQuery clone 5kb in size), & Tapestry (CSS/LESS UI framework)
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Datasilk Logo

Datasilk Core Template

This Github repository is a project template for an ASP.NET Core web site based on Datasilk Core, Datasilk Core Js, Selector, and Tapestry. The website includes a user system, login page, and account dashboard.

This project is meant to be forked and used as a starting point for developing large-scale, high-performing websites.


  • Visual Studio 2017
  • ASP.NET Core 2.0
  • SQL Server 2016
  • Node.js
  • Gulp


  • Clone the repository:

    git clone --recurse-submodules http://github.com/datasilk/coretemplate YourProjectName

    NOTE: replace YourProjectName with the name of your project

  • Alternatively, clone the repository into your own repository:

    1. Clone the bare repository
     git clone --bare http://github.com/datasilk/coretemplate YourProjectName
     cd YourProjectName
    1. Push the cloned repository into your own repository & delete original cloned folder
     git push --mirror http://github.com/YourAccount/YourRepository
     cd ..
     rm -rf YourProjectName
    1. Clone your repository
     git clone --recursive http://github.com/YourAccount/YourRepository
  1. Replace all case-sensitive instances of CoreTemplate to YourProjectName and coretemplate to yourprojectname in all files within the repository
  2. Rename file CoreTemplate.sln to YourProjectName.sln and file App/CoreTemplate.csproj to App/YourProjectName.csproj
  3. Run command npm install
  4. Run command gulp default
  5. In Visual Studio, publish the SQL project to SQL Server 2016 (or greater), with your own database name
  6. Open config.json and make sure the database connection string for property SqlServerTrusted points to your database.
  7. Click Play in Visual Studio 2017


  • SQL Server project includes a Users table and sequence script, along with various stored procedures
  • Query project uses Dapper to populate C# models from SQL
  • App project uses ASP.NET Core 2.0 and Datasilk Core to host web pages & web APIs.
    • When accessing website for the first time, you're able to create a new admin user account
    • Can log in to user account at /login or from any secure page when access is denied
    • Redirects to /dashboard after user logs into account
    • Default web page for URL / is /Pages/Home/Home.cs
    • Dashboard contains a sidebar with a menu system
    • UI provided by Tapestry, a CSS/LESS UI framework.
    • Javascript uses Selector as a light-weight replacement for jQuery (under 5KB)
    • Datasilk Core Js is used as a simple client-side framework for structuring page-level Javascript code, making AJAX requests, and calling utility functions
    • Build MVC web pages using html files & scaffolding variables. For example:

Example: HTML with Scaffolding variables & blocks

	<div class="menu">{{menu}}</div>
		<div class="menu sub">{{sub-menu}}</div>
	<div class="body">{{content}}</div>

All above projects were concieved & developed by Mark Entingh, who has a strong passion for web development.