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Create desktop applications with ease by combining any website with a borderless Chrome browser window.


  • Visual Studio 2017


  • Customize the application with your own app icon & publisher details
  • Use config file to set up initial URL along with UI options
  • Option to display a built-in toolbar at the top of the window (if the website doesn't have it's own custom designed toolbar)

JavaScript Binding

You can execute certain methods within Rhinoceros via JavaScript in order to manipulate the browser window. To allow JavaScript binding, add the following code to your web page:

<script type="text/javascript">
	(async function() {
		await CefSharp.BindObjectAsync("Rhino", "bound");

		//add your code below (all C# methods must be lowercase)

The following methods are supported via JavaScript:

Method Arguments Definition
Rhino.maximize Maximize the browser window
Rhino.normalize Bring window out of maximize or minimize state
Rhino.minimize Minimize the browser window
Rhino.drag Drags the browser window (use on mouse down event only)
Rhino.usetoolbar Show built-in window toolbar
Rhino.bordersize size Changes the thickness of the window border (in pixels)
Rhino.bordercolor r, g, b Changes the color of the window border
Rhino.toolbarcolor r, g, b Changes the background color of the window toolbar (if displayed)
Rhino.toolbarfontcolor r, g, b Changes the font & icon colors of the window toolbar (if displayed)
Rhino.toolbarbuttoncolors bg, bghover, bgmousedown, icon, iconhover, iconmousedown Changes the background & icon color of the toolbar buttons (minimize, maximize, & close buttons). Each button has a background & icon color for default, hover, & mouse down states. Each value must be an integer generated from an ARGB color, e.g. return (a << 24) + (r << 16) + (g << 8) + (b)
Rhino.defaulttheme Changes the theme styling back to default (border & toolbar colors)
Rhino.newwindow Opens a new Rhinoceros window
Rhino.exit Close the browser window (and application)


Create desktop applications with ease by combining any website with a borderless Chrome browser window.





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