Snaking through difficult Bioinformatics questions in order to provide reproducible results and reusable software.

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  1. beRi

    beRi "beri environments for R installations" is an R environment, R installation, and R package management system for R

    Python 14

  2. beri-isc-proposal

    An isc proposal to the R Consortium to elicit their support for beRi.

    TeX 2

  3. renv

    Creating virtual environments for R.

    Python 5

  4. rut

    A cli of r utilities aimed at package and .Rprofile management.

    Python 2

  5. rinse

    A configurable installer CLI for installing R from source (sudo and non-sudo).

    Python 2

  6. OrthoEvolution

    An easy to use and comprehensive python package which aids in the analysis and visualization of orthologous genes.

    Python 18 1

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