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Release 0.5 - New Interface (React Virtualized)

@rahmansunny071 rahmansunny071 released this
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This release adds the following functionality:

  • Spreadsheet created using React Virtualized
    A new spreadsheet front-end has been developed based on React Virtualized to efficiently load arbitrarily large spreadsheets. This will allow users to seamlessly scroll through spreadsheets with billion rows without any delay. Moreover, the new front-end fixes the layout thrashing issue that was caused by the JavaScript-based ZK front-end where any scroll would display a white screen at the bottom for a few seconds before displaying the entire spreadsheet.

  • Navigation panel for exploring tabular spreadsheets (Demo). We support the following interactions:
    *Exploring the data by a specific attribute: displays an interactive histogram on which users can perform operations like panning and semantic zooming to navigate the data without having to scroll.
    *Aggregating spreadsheet data: users can issue spreadsheet formulae on the navigation panel to view aggregate statistics on the data. Users can view different representations of the aggregate data by switching between text and chart representation.
    *Histogram customization: users can customize the auto-generated histogram to fit their own navigation purpose using operations like splitting and merging.
    *Navigational history: user's navigational history and context are maintained by the interface similar to directory browsers. Users can interact with the history to view and access previously explored spreadsheet location.

  • Column width adjustment: now you can manually resize the column width of each cell.

  • Copy and paste: you can now copy and paste element using a copy/paste button located near the navigation bar.

  • File Upload and Reload: You can now upload any .csv files and reload using the new Interface!

  • Menu Bar: Introduced the new menu bar template! All functions now live in the drop-down menu.

Known Issues

  • The navigation feature is in memory and works with data that fits in memory.
  • The navigation attribute can be either numeric or text or Date.
  • Copy and paste buttons in the navigation does not work yet. Copy and paste using the keyboard shortcut is also not implemented.
  • The menu bar icons will not work and that is functional. Please use the drop-down menu
  • There are reports regarding formula's in the uploaded csvs to become string.
  • New file not yet supported