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European Parliament Elections Turnout

The goal of this Datastory project is to collect detailed voter turnout statistics from every country participating in the European Parliament elections. The repository contains, for each country:

  1. Turnout data in data/raw/
  2. Shapefiles in data/shapefiles
  3. Notebooks in notebooks

Each notebook is responsible for:

  1. Scraping or loading already downloaded turnout data.
  2. Processing the turnout data to standardize ID codes and names.
  3. Updating shapefiles when out of date or incorrect.
  4. Merging turnout data and shapefiles and save final output.

Licensing and use

Graphics: We encourage republishing the graphics in the "/graphics" folder under Creative Commons (CC-BY License).

Open source: All code in this repository is available under the MIT License.

Attribution: If you use, adapt and/or republish the code or charts in this repository, the following attribution should be visible in close proximity to the graphics and code: "Based on an original project by Datastory (".

The Datastory Brand: The Logo of Datastory and any other product names, trademarks or service marks are proprietary and are protected by applicable trademark and copyright laws. Nothing contained in this code base should be construed as granting any license or right to use any of the Datastory Marks without the express written permission of the owner of such Marks.

(E-mail if you have any further questions about reuse.)

The 2014 election

In the 2014 election, there were 28 member countries in total with various administrative systems.


Country GIS Data Level Count Notes
Austria Statistik Austria Bundministerium Für Inneres Town 2376
Belgium Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven Service public fedéral Intériur Canton 209
Bulgaria DIVA-GIS Central Election Commission Province 28
Croatia GADM State Electoral Commission Municipality & Town 560
Cyprus Natural Earth Data EU Country 1
Czech Republic Geoportal ČÚZK Czech Statistical Office Municipality 6258
Denmark GADM Statistics Denmark Municipality 99
Estonia DIVA-GIS National Electoral Committee Parish & Town 211 Shapefile edited due to municipality reform
Finland National Land Survey of Finland Statistics Finland Municipality 311 Shapefile via email
France Open Street Map Ministry of the Interior Municipality 34982
Germany GeoDataZentrum (v. 2014-01-01) Federal Returning Officer District 11477
Greece GADM Ministry of Interior Municipality 326
Hungary GADM National Election Office County & Capital 20
Ireland GADM Elections Ireland Constituency 3 No detailed results
Italy GADM Department for Internal and Territorial Affairs Municipality 8096
Latvia EnviroTech Central Election Committee Municipality & City 119
Lithuania Central Electoral Commission Central Electoral Commission Electoral district 1995
Luxembourg Natural Earth Data EU Country 1
Malta Natural Earth Data EU Country 1
Netherlands PDOK Electoral Council Municipality 403
Poland GADM Government Municipality & City 2478 Data via email
Portugal DADOS Ministry of Internal Administration Parish 3223
Romania GADM Autoritatea Electorală Permanentă Municipality 2939
Slovakia Geodetic and Cartographic Institute Bratislava Statistical Office Municipality 2927
Slovenia Surverying and Mapping Authority Ministry of the Interior Electoral district 88 Need to register user to download shapefile
Spain GADM Ministry of the Interior Municipality 8112
Sweden Valmyndigheten Valmyndigheten Electoral district 5837
UK Office for National Statistics Parliament Local Authority District 380
UK (Northern Ireland) Open Data Ni Electoral Office for Northern Ireland District Electoral Area 80


We encourage and welcome contributions, whether it's fact checking or adding results for more fine-grained geographical units. See issues for concrete tasks.


Collecting voter turnout data for the European Parliament elections







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