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  1. datatable datatable Public

    A go in-memory table

    Go 227 14

  2. kibana-datasweet-formula kibana-datasweet-formula Public

    This Kibana plugin allows calculated metrics on any standard kibana visualizations.

    JavaScript 123 35

  3. sling-binaries sling-binaries Public

    Sling, a collection of elasticsearch command line tools, with query based filtering capabilities.

    2 2

  4. format format Public

    Format raw values (date, number, etc...) with localization in Go (Golang)

    Go 5 4

  5. jsonmap jsonmap Public

    Jsonmap is a Go package to parse and use raw json.

    Go 10 3

  6. cast cast Public

    Simply cast an interface to a specific type in go, without panic !

    Go 8 3


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