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Open Source Django-based Hacker News Board
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Django based Hacker News clone

DataTau is a clone of popular Hacker News site. It was started in 2014 and went down with no explanation in May 2019. After a month of inactivity, we decided to create our own clone of the site under a .net domain using a framework familiar to us (Python based Django), reaching Hacker News front page when launching.

We decided to open source the project to avoid the mistakes of the original version and being more community-driven. Thanks to this you can contribute to make DataTau better and its development will not depend only on a few people, with the risk of going unmaintained again.

Another goal of this project is becoming Django based Hacker News style news board template you can use to power your own community.

We built this site very fast and copying a lot of original Hacker News frontend, so you can expect bugs, unsemantic html, etc. Please visit kanban board of this repository and issues if you think you can be helpful.

Project setup (Linux version)

  • Clone repository:
git clone
  • Install system dependencies:
sudo apt install virtualenv python3-dev
  • Create Python virtual environment
mkdir ~/.venvs
virtualenv -p python3 ~/.venvs/datatau_env
source ~/.venvs/datatau_env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Clean start
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