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Propose a list of usefull ressources for cybersecurity passionate.
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Cybersecurity is a vast domain. It is really difficult for beginner to find their way. To help them start their journey or to remind older members of the community, I create a list of all ressources that can help us. You can use freely this database.

They are presented in On the page, you will have the possibility to filters the results.

I hope you will make a lot of pull requests to improve this database.

Propose an item to the list

You can propose a modification of an existing file or create a new one in order to add an item to the list. An object is represented by a YAML file. You just need to follow this template. If you are an expert with github, just fork the project and make a pull request to integrate your changes. If you are a beginner, you can create an issue by following this link or in the top menu.

Titre: "Name of the object"
Website: ""
Type: [Association, Podcast, Newswebsite, Newsletter ] #One element of the list
Langue: [fr,en,es,ru] #One element of the list
Localisation: "postal address"
Level: [Débutant, Intermédiaire, Expert] #One element of the list. Define the level required in the object.

Delete an element in the list

You want to delete an element in the list ? You can create an issue ticket and I will delete it.


You can thanks the following contributors of this project : Quentin Bédéneau, Damien Bancal, Frédéric Pupatti, Benjamin Felisiak,

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