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Arcdps Combat Log Uploader Extension
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This is an extension for Arcdps that allows you to preview and upload EVTC combat logs in-game.

Image of the Uploader


Grab the latest release. Unzip and copy d3d9_uploader.dll to same directory as Arcdps (usually something like C:\Program Files\Guild Wars 2\bin64).

Use Alt-Shift-U to bring the uploader window up.



  • Cache all parsed logs to prevent any refresh delay for users with 500+ logs
  • Add Wing 7 Boss Names and ID's
  • Improve parsing accuracy (dps should match Elite Insights) support will be removed in the next release.

ToS Compliance

This extension has minimal interaction with GW2 (basically it displays a window), and is essentially a QoL upgrade over uploading the logs yourself. It provides no inherent advantage over other players. As such, I believe it to be ToS compliant.

If you have any doubts, refer to Arenanet's policy on Third-Party Programs.


Please open an issue and leave a detailed description of your problem, feature request, etc.

Thanks to Delta for writing and supporting Arcdps, and the Elite Insights team for their excellent parser

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