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StatelyBrazil is the Brazilian version of Intridea's homonymous font.
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The original Stately is copyrighted by Intridea and you can find the original here » Stately


StatelyBrazil is the Brazilian version [copied and adapted] of Stately. StatelyBrazil makes it easier to create maps for data visualization of Brazil using only HTML & CSS. Each state can be styled independently with CSS for making simple visualizations. And since it's a font, it scales whithout losing definition.


statelybrazil/original-map.svg      - Original SVG map used to create the font
statelybrazil/statelybrazil.svg     - The SVG font file
statelybrazil/statelybrazil.ttf     - TrueType font file - converted from the SVG using [FreeFontConverter](
statelybrazil/assets/font           - Folder containing the @font-face ready files - exported using [FontSquirrel @font-face generator](
statelybrazil/assets/sass           - Folder containing basic SASS files, including both StatelyBrazil setup and demo
statelybrazil/assets/css            - Folder containing compiled CSS files
statelybrazil/statelybrazil.html    - Basic Demo
The original Stately files were kept in for reference.

How it Works?

StatelyBrazil is a symbol font were the letters are formed by the shapes of the states of Brazil. Like it's American counterpart, each letter corresponds to a state, in alphabetical order by the state acronym.

Reference of States

AC · A · Acre
AL · B · Alagoas
AP · C · Amapá
AM · D · Amazonas
BA · E · Bahia
CE · F · Ceará
DF · G · Distrito Federal
ES · H · Espírito Santo
GO · I · Goiás
MA · J · Maranhão
MT · K · Mato Grosso
MS · L · Mato Grosso do Sul
MG · M · Minas Gerais
PA · N · Pará
PB · O · Paraíba
PR · P · Paraná
PE · Q · Pernambuco
PI · R · Piauí
RJ · S · Rio de Janeiro
RN · T · Rio Grande do Norte
RS · U · Rio Grande do Sul
RO · V · Rondônia
RR · W · Roraima
SC · X · Santa Catarina
SP · Y · São Paulo
SE · Z · Sergipe
TO · a · Tocantins

Basic Use Case

  1. Download StatelyBrazil to your computer.
  2. Copy the statelybrazil/assets/ and statelybrazil/assets/ to your project public folder.
  3. Add the statelybrazil.css to the head of your document. <link rel="stylesheet" href="assets/css/statelybrasil.css">

Then add this markup to the page:

<ul class="statelybrazil"> 
  <li data-state-acronym="AC" data-state-name="Acre"                 class="statelybrazil-state-ac statelybrazil-state">A</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="AL" data-state-name="Alagoas"              class="statelybrazil-state-al statelybrazil-state">B</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="AP" data-state-name="Amapá"                class="statelybrazil-state-ap statelybrazil-state">C</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="AM" data-state-name="Amazonas"             class="statelybrazil-state-am statelybrazil-state">D</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="BA" data-state-name="Bahia"                class="statelybrazil-state-ba statelybrazil-state">E</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="CE" data-state-name="Ceará"                class="statelybrazil-state-ce statelybrazil-state">F</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="DF" data-state-name="Distrito Federal"     class="statelybrazil-state-df statelybrazil-state">G</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="ES" data-state-name="Espírito Santo"       class="statelybrazil-state-es statelybrazil-state">H</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="GO" data-state-name="Goiás"                class="statelybrazil-state-go statelybrazil-state">I</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="MA" data-state-name="Maranhão"             class="statelybrazil-state-ma statelybrazil-state">J</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="MT" data-state-name="Mato Grosso"          class="statelybrazil-state-mt statelybrazil-state">K</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="MS" data-state-name="Mato Grosso do Sul"   class="statelybrazil-state-ms statelybrazil-state">L</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="MG" data-state-name="Minas Gerais"         class="statelybrazil-state-mg statelybrazil-state">M</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="PA" data-state-name="Pará"                 class="statelybrazil-state-pa statelybrazil-state">N</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="PB" data-state-name="Paraíba"              class="statelybrazil-state-pb statelybrazil-state">O</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="PR" data-state-name="Paraná"               class="statelybrazil-state-pr statelybrazil-state">P</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="PE" data-state-name="Pernambuco"           class="statelybrazil-state-pe statelybrazil-state">Q</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="PI" data-state-name="Piauí"                class="statelybrazil-state-pi statelybrazil-state">R</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="RJ" data-state-name="Rio de Janeiro"       class="statelybrazil-state-rj statelybrazil-state">S</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="RN" data-state-name="Rio Grande do Norte"  class="statelybrazil-state-rn statelybrazil-state">T</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="RS" data-state-name="Rio Grande do Sul"    class="statelybrazil-state-rs statelybrazil-state">U</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="RO" data-state-name="Rondônia"             class="statelybrazil-state-ro statelybrazil-state">V</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="RR" data-state-name="Roraima"              class="statelybrazil-state-rr statelybrazil-state">W</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="SC" data-state-name="Santa Catarina"       class="statelybrazil-state-sc statelybrazil-state">X</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="SP" data-state-name="São Paulo"            class="statelybrazil-state-sp statelybrazil-state">Y</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="SE" data-state-name="Sergipe"              class="statelybrazil-state-se statelybrazil-state">Z</li>
  <li data-state-acronym="TO" data-state-name="Tocantins"            class="statelybrazil-state-to statelybrazil-state">a</li>

Set the size and base map color in your CSS:

.statelybrazil {
    width: 230px;     // width and font size must match 
    font-size: 300px; // width and font size must match 
    color: #808080;

Style Individual State:

.statelybrazil .statelybrazil-state-ac { 
    color: #F00; // Yes, Acre exists!

Live Example

Stately Microsite

Stately Brazil Microsite


Free Online Font Converter - For converting SVG to TTF
Font Squirrel - For converting TTF to web fonts (make sure you check 'no subsetting')
Intridea Blog: How to Make Your Own Symbol Font - A good starting place


StatelyBrazil project by:

Original Stately project created by Ben Markowitz at Intridea:


MIT License. See LICENSE for details.

To Do

  • State acronyms in ligatures
  • One letter for the whole map of Brazil
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