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Blackbird Reference Architecture

This is a reference architecture that illustrates how Telepresence, Forge, and Ambassador can be integrated to provide an end-to-end development workflow.

Note: this reference architecture is for illustrative purposes only. It is not tuned for production!


  • MacOS or Linux system
  • Kubernetes 1.6 or later cluster. Unfortunately, Minikube does not have full RBAC support yet, and the reference architecture uses RBAC.
  • kubectl configured to talk to your cluster
  • A Docker registry account on Docker Hub, Google Container Registry, Amazon ECR, Quay, etc.

Quick start

Run the install script which will clone the Blackbird repository and install the Forge and Telepresence clients locally.

curl | bash

You'll then want to deploy the Blackbird repository into your cluster. You can do this with Forge.

cd blackbird
forge setup  # sets up your Docker credentials
forge deploy # deploys all the demo services

Note that the deployment may take awhile. The reference architecture installs demo Java, NodeJS, and Python services, so it will take a few minutes to download the necessary dependencies and build the services.

Once deployment is complete, you should have a number of pods running in the datawire namespace.

kubectl get pod -n datawire
NAME                                      READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
ambassador-77496977dd-fr8rp               2/2       Running   0          3h
java-spring-api-stable-69c97b99c9-xm9kc   1/1       Running   0          5h
nodejs-api-stable-646fbc999d-zh2qd        1/1       Running   0          5h
python-api-stable-5799cdc89d-wg85h        1/1       Running   0          5h
ui-stable-749846897c-hk466                1/1       Running   0          4h

Get the external IP address of the Ambassador service, and open that IP in your browser. You should see the Reference Architecture walk-through.

kubectl get svc ambassador -n datawire
NAME         CLUSTER-IP     EXTERNAL-IP     PORT(S)        AGE
ambassador   80:31807/TCP    5h


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