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Datawrapper Core

This is Datawrapper Core, the open source platform that powers the charting tools hosted as free service on

Most of the functionality in Datawrapper is provided by plugins, some of which are open source but the majority is not.

Note that significant parts of the Datawrapper core have been rewritten in Node.js, you can find them in the following directories:

  • api is our new v3 REST API
  • frontend is our new frontend server
  • chart-core is our library that renders all visualizations
  • shared contains JavaScript utility functions used throughout datawrapper
  • orm contains our internal database models

Datawrapper was created in 2012 by Mirko Lorenz, Nicolas Kayser-Bril and Gregor Aisch. Since 2014 it is developed by Datawrapper GmbH.

Datawrapper has in the past received funding by ABZV.


To get in contact to us, please reach out via Twitter at @datawrapper or send an email to Unfortunately, we're not able to respond to Github issues.