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  • added ability for visualizations to modify the chart editor steps (= workflow)
  • also visualizations can now replace the core chart editor with a single-page svelte editor by setting the svelte-editor config.
  • added core component for the editor nav


  • improved duplicate logic in mycharts chart modal: duplicated chart now opens in new tab and the old view refreshes in the old tab
  • improved query performance on mycharts page
  • added convenience method User.getOrganizationIds()
  • added new hook MYCHARTS_MODAL_ACTIONS for adding new chart actions on mycharts page
  • bugfix: group by chart type is back working
  • admin pages can now define a custom route (for multipage admin pages using the same controller)
  • added a unicode-safe json_encode_safe function to core (always use this instead of json_encode!)
  • changed type of chart.metadata column to JSON
  • chart search on mycharts now searches in description and source name


  • added user plugin caching table to speed up datawrapper
  • added more core hooks for events that should invalidate the user plugin cache
  • you need to migrate the database schema, see migration query
  • by-pass plugins in folder reload requests
  • hard-coded auth salt into template
  • added a new, faster API for request that don't depend on plugins
  • updated Roboto font to 2014 version
  • added chart templates for "edit this chart" button in blog & academy
  • fixed bug that prevented the chart preview reloading on setting changes


  • complete re-design of MyCharts and team chart page
  • added chart folders


  • introduced fixed-height charts


  • improved date parsing


  • requires PHP 5.6
  • can store chart CSVs and thumbnails on S3
  • allow visualizations to define annotate-options
  • add UserOrganization-role "owner"
  • you need to migrate the database schema, see migration
  • re-ordered top navigation bar
  • new one-page account settings


  • added support for generic inline editing
  • introduced core hooks for plugin install/update/uninstall
  • several bug fixes
  • added settings-column for organizations to store organization-wide preferences
  • You need to migrate the database schema, see commit message
  • re-designed tab control and timeline


  • added signup confirmation step
  • bug-fixes for label placement in core chart types


  • Added computed columns
  • The data table now indicated what cells have been changed
  • Inline editing of notes
  • Memorize what vis groups a user had open
  • Added transparent navbar style
  • Added d3.js to Datawrapper core so every module can require it.
  • All charts are now writable to everyone within an organization.
  • We migrated our translation system from to a simple Google Spreadsheet. Check the readme to learn how to contribute as translator.
  • Added Python script for parsing plugin translations so we don't need xgettext anymore.
  • Important: we're now using grunt and bower instead of bundling 3rd party libs into our repo. Please run npm install after updating
  • Bugfix: don't mess with location.hash in chart popups
  • Bugfix of chart localization
  • Moved email notifications to hooks
  • Added OrganizationInvite Table
  • You need to migrate the database schema, see commit message


  • re-designed mycharts and gallery, now showing more charts in a masonry layout
  • fixed client-side snapshots using canvg. works with html and text. creates double-res fullsiye screenshots instead of tiny thumbnails
  • made sure that snapshots of complex charts are not generated on client-side, but using the new plugin "snapshot"
  • loading js files as utf-8
  • re-designed option groups in chart editor
  • color changes in color selector popup are now immediately applied to chart
  • vis axes can now specify a regex for better auto-matching based on column names
  • minor css fixes in chart editor


  • added hook for when all plugins are loaded
  • updated to underscore 1.8.3
  • activating gzip compression
  • embedding chart data in page instead of loading it every time
  • minor bugfixes


  • the chart publish directory can now be configured
  • minor bugfixes


  • allow setting of relative chart widths (e.g. 100%)
  • reload chart iframe on ctrl-r
  • updated marriages dataset
  • improved chart thumbnail generation
  • removed admin-dashboard from core
  • always redirecting from /admin to first admin page
  • several bugfixes and performance improvements


  • new hook USER_ACTIVATED
  • improve SSL support with complex webserver/proxy setups
  • showing user names in user admin
  • a couple of bugfixes


  • removed 'input format' dropdown in describe step
  • updated handsontable to version 0.12.3
  • bugfixes


  • bugfixes


  • allow adding of notes below charts
  • grouping of vis options in chart editor
  • load js libs in reverse order of vis inheritance
  • bugfixes with cli publishing
  • fixed automatic number format guessing
  • replaced old dw.js make script with Gruntfile.js
  • admin-themes now shows when themes have been last used
  • added hook for adding markup below describe step sidebar
  • changed syntax to plugin.php download [giturl]


  • bugfix with data table in describe step
  • allow hiding of admin controllers in admin menu
  • fixed deleting charts
  • several minor bug fixes


  • added link to mycharts to account pages menu
  • simplified api for alternative signins
  • prevent chart previews to be rendered in iframes (optional)
  • removed obsolete controller /chart/:chart_id/static


  • added product system.
  • important note: Please run scripts/migrate/1.8.0.sql and composer install after updating.
  • removed email-based theme restrictions
  • removed plugin export-image from core
  • instanciate all plugins first, then run their init() functions
  • chart editor redesign
  • default theme for organizations
  • added support for class-less plugins
  • automake mode for easier development
  • added twig filter 'css'
  • refactored stylesheets using LESS
  • simplified plugin system, added support for init.php
  • autoloading plugin dependencies if installed using composer
  • allow configuration of mail sender
  • line chart: custom range in y axis
  • line chart: x range annotations
  • removed fancy toggle-panel footer
  • fixed stupid line chart mobile bug


  • fixed symlink creation in plugin installation
  • reloading chart preview if chart locale changes
  • resolving plugin names from class name, not path
  • fixed user deletion api


  • load chart specific locale, if different from UI
  • allow hooking into visualize step sidebar
  • removed vendor libs from repo
  • made Datawrapper Composer-ready
  • do not send email activation mails when the email address has not been altered
  • minor improvements for the account settings
  • fixed delete-account button
  • fixed XSS vulnerability
  • replaced ext-mysql with PDO in the session handler
  • do not use the mysql extension in the check_server script
  • cleaned up makefile
  • replaces JSMin with JShrink


  • refactored controller code base
  • refactored account templates
  • allowing access to plugin classes
  • bugfixes


  • re-structured header navbar
  • added font awesome
  • allow filtering of missing values in bar charts
  • tooltips in header navbar


  • switched top nav from fixed to static
  • added vis option textarea
  • flattened navbar appearance
  • added hook for customizing navbar logo


  • disabled fullscreen mode in default theme
  • fixed gallery preview
  • allowed disabling of login logging
  • renamed cdn_asset_base_url config to asset_domain


  • user settings: don't complain about existing email if it hasn't been changed
  • let admins reset a users password
  • replacing n-dashes with normal dashes (increasing tolerance for bad copy & paste input)
  • ignoring percentage signs in data input


  • added json api for themes
  • forcing lowercase organization ids


  • enabled setting initial sorting of data tables
  • fixed chart display on mobile devices


  • fixed access rights for graphic editors
  • showing more useful page titles
  • removed legacy code


  • replaced hard-coded CDN path with config value
  • bugfix: duplicating charts within organization
  • bugfix: pie charts with zeros in dataset
  • bugfix: include organization id in md5 hash computation to make sure assets are copied to different S3 buckets
  • bugfix: chart publication progress now shown properly


  • storing reference to source chart on forking/duplicating
  • data attributes in header nav
  • support hooking into header nav
  • re-arranged header nav
  • showing lang code in header nav
  • added speaking descriptions to core plugins
  • added api for managing organizations
  • allowing organziation specific plugin configuration
  • allowing users in organization to use private plugins
  • support for making plugins private
  • added organizations
  • svg icons for visualization
  • replaced old color picker


  • revised event flow in visualize step
  • made pie charts less ugly
  • added placeholder image for nojs.png
  • fixed bar chart labels
  • fixed highlighting of labels with quotes
  • line chart: fallback to normal x-axis if not all date values could be parsed
  • line chart: fixed label width calculation
  • line chart: allowing more lines to be labeled
  • removing all related jobs on chart deletion


  • allow users to select column input format (to resolve ambiguous formats)
  • bugfixes


  • fixed theme inheritance, no more deep-copying of arrays
  • improved language in email communication
  • updated Propel to 1.6.8
  • updated Twig to 1.13.2
  • showing recent charts in dropdown nav
  • enabled data attribution in visualize step
  • added automatic number formatting
  • added column oauth_signin to user table (see migrate sql)
  • refactored JavaScript and CSS out of Twig templates
  • renamed chart data file to data.csv
  • plugin.php can now install plugins from git urls
  • display chart id in gallery/mycharts if there's no title
  • using [insert title here] as default chart title
  • refactored core chart javascript into /js/dw/chart.base.js
  • added log scale mode to line chart
  • moved transpose button into first table header cell
  • bugfixes


  • added dw.utils.smartRound
  • plugin install script performs health checks
  • checking for plugin dependencies
  • refactored gallery as plugin
  • date columns now support ISO week format (eg 2013-W37 or 2013-W37-3)
  • improved admin dashboard
  • dataset allows adding columns at run-time
  • auto-populating missing text columns
  • added experimental live-editing features (disabled for now)
  • added new API: dataset.reset, dataset.indexOf, dataset.add, column.indexOf
  • refactored admin pages into separate plugins
  • several hotfixes for 1.5.3


  • allowing external websites to provide data and some chart preset
  • improved parsing of dates
  • improved formatting of dates
  • made Datawrapper ready for HTTPS
  • don't show the resize iframe notification more than one time
  • fixed display of missing values in line-charts
  • improved grid lines in line charts with date axis
  • removed label rotation in line charts
  • fixed bug in grouped column charts


  • publishing just the assets needed by visualizations
  • visualizations are now able to specify assets dynamically
  • simplified dw.js/make: using jsmin.php if uglifyjs not available on server
  • allowing some html in chart titles
  • updated chroma.js
  • themes can now define some gradients
  • removing most HTML from chart data
  • throtteling chart re-rendering in vis editor
  • visualizations can now support smart re-rendering (instead of full reloads)
  • fixed bug in data-table
  • some more bugfixes


  • automatically creating a new hashed url for theme javascript
  • visualization throws exception if data is insufficient
  • chart.dataset() can now take a new dataset
  • renamed vis.setX to vis.x()
  • fixed charts in admin dashboard


  • simplified visualization api
  • column chart allows ignoring of missing values
  • redesigned custom color picker
  • enabled multi-selection in custom color picker
  • one-dimensional visualizations (pie,bars,...) now showing single column (instead of single row)
  • removed bar chart setting 'labels inside bars'
  • added separators in vis options
  • added new conditions for vis options
  • added fallback message when JS is disabled
  • refactored javascript core
  • refactored core visualizations to new javascript core
  • refactored custom color feature
  • added axes definitions to visualizations
  • added column public_version to chart table
  • incrementing public_version on every publication
  • appended public_version to public chart urls
  • showing big warning that the chart url has changed after republication
  • fixed overlapping labels in line charts
  • added legend position inside right in line charts
  • visualizations can now check browser compatibility
  • added table plugin_data
  • added plugin interface for storing and reading persistent data
  • removed setting 'labels-inside-bars' from bar chart
  • fixed bar chart bug (too much white-space for long labels)
  • output formatting of values now handled by columns (45998931)
  • line chart: allow filling below lines
  • column chart: show bars as thin lines if too many bars are displayed
  • chart notifications
  • vendor libs used by vis plugins are now loaded from external CDN
  • automatically creating a new hashed url for vis javascript


  • fixed severe bug in base theme (hotfix)
  • allowed using uncompressed JS in chart preview
  • allowed inverting of y axis in line charts
  • fixed analytics in core


  • refactored themes into plugin
  • refactored l10n into a class


  • refactored demo datasets into plugins
  • minor bugfixes


  • added table plugin
  • added plugins system
  • created datawrapper hook system (lib/hooks)
  • refactored visualizations to plugins
  • replaced gettext translation with generic JSON files
  • simplified plugin localization
  • refactored static image export into plugin


  • trimming row labels in filter UI
  • increased character limit to 40 chars
  • trimming labels before counting characters
  • fixed column chart label positions
  • fixed line chart legend position
  • bugfix: change password in settings


  • added (optional) higher security for passwords, read more.
  • added page for setting up admin account after fresh install
  • fixed admin dashboard
  • allowed customization of title
  • refactored defaults in config
  • allowed setting default for show_in_gallery
  • enabled inverting the nav bar
  • fixed bar chart display with negative bars


  • allowed changing job status in admin page
  • added job status 'canceled'
  • ensured minimum width/height of 1 pixel for bars in bar/column charts
  • allowed customization of logo
  • allowed insertion of custom css


  • allowed input of named colors
  • ignoring data series by clicking table header
  • made MyCharts page searchable
  • allowed preventing guest access
  • customizable home page
  • customizable languages
  • added roles sysadmin and graphic-editor
  • line chart interprets time series data
  • bugfix: chart editor overrides preferred embed size in visualize step
  • showing translation status in admin pages
  • special date selector for time series shown in 1d charts
  • mycharts: allowed filtering charts by publish status
  • show warning if negative values are displayed in stacked bar charts
  • show values on hover in grouped/stacked bar charts


  • added support for S3 domain alias (e.g.
  • added support for S3 endpoints
  • refactored chart publication, fixed occosional bug that stopped chart publication
  • live-generating chart thumbnails during chart editing instead of during publication
  • you need to migrate the database schema, see commit message
  • changed mysql engine to innodb
  • center preview chart in editor
  • replaced old data table with handsontable widget


  • made job execution (e.g. static chart exports) fail safe
  • added admin page showing job status
  • you need to migrate the database schema, see commit message


  • added generic support for hierarchical datasets
  • fixed chart export


  • visualizations now may define localized strings
  • fixed bug with localized numbers in charts
  • fixed stack percentages in fullscreen mode
  • fixed Piwik tracking code


  • added percentage stacking mode to stacked column charts
  • improved session garbage collection
  • fixed ABZV logo
  • improved line charts coloring and labeling
  • fixed colors in dark theme
  • updated German locale
  • bugfixes


  • fixed several IE bugs
  • fixed label transitions in bar charts
  • updated to jQuery 1.9.1


  • animated chart transitions for bar,column and pie charts
  • added visual chart selector
  • improved editor UI
  • redirecting IE6 visitors to static chart
  • extensive chart testing in multiple browsers
  • simplified installation


  • fullscreen mode
  • customizable colors
  • export static PNG/PDF
  • filled line charts
  • new theme: Playfair
  • spanish translation
  • fixed session bug
  • updated to bootstrap 2.2
  • lots of bugfixes
  • release notes


  • publishing charts to Amazon S3


  • complete rewrite of old prototype
  • replaced Highcharts with custom charts based on d3 and Raphael.js
  • release notes