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=========================== Skytap API Client

This module contains a client library for accessing Skytap's cloud API . This code was originally developed at DataXu and released as open source.

Code Style

Please follow PEP-008 <>_.


The best way to install the dxskytap tool is to install direct from the github using pip:

# Replace [TAG] with a dxskytap git ref (such as master)
  $ pip install[TAG]#egg=dxskytap

# Example
  $ pip install

To install, from this directory:

$ sudo python install

Credential Setup

To authenticate this module expects your credentials to be found in a config file here ~/.skytap_config in the form:

username: <username>
password: <API token>

Note: your API token is found here:


To run all tests, from this directory:

$ python nosetests

To run any individual tests, call nosetests directly. Refer to for details on using nose.

When you add a new test, be sure to add it as an import to