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JQuery plugin to change input file element's text. It's also light - 3KB un-minified.

Getting Started

  1. Download this plugin from src/jquery-input-file-text.js.

  2. Add this script after JQuery.

     <script src='jquery-input-file-text.js'></script>
  3. Create an input file element.

     <input type="file" id="choose-file" />
  4. Apply this plugin on the input file element.

     $(document).ready(function() {
         $('#choose-file').inputFileText( { text: 'Select File' } );


    Image of result

  5. To remove this plugin:

     $('#choose-file').inputFileText( { remove: true } );


The following options can be specified when applying this plugin to the input file element:

  text: 'Select File', // The button will display this text
  buttonCLass: 'buttonClassName', // The button's class
  textClass: 'textClassName' // The text's class