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Datenguide Web Data Connector

Web Data Connector for Datenguide to import statistical data into Tableau.

Importing data into Tableau

A working installation of Tableau is required. For more information visit There is also a free community version of Tableau: Tableau Public. Visit for more information and download options for your platform.

  • Open Tableau, select "Connect To a Server -> Web Data Connector"

  • Navigate to a running instance of datenguide Web Data Connector
  • Enter the URL to the graphl-endpoint of datenguide, click 'Test Connection' to ensure the connection is working
  • Select a region and one or more statistics to import
  • Click 'Import'

The selected statistics are now available in Tableau.

Visualizing data in Tableau

  • Drag a table to the main area, click 'Update now' to fetch the table data
  • Open a Tableau Worksheet
  • Set Measures, Dimension and Marks. Check the Tableau documentation for details on how to work with Tableau.

This is an example visualization of the WAHL09 statistic as a starting point:

Example Tableau Visualization

Running the web connector locally (for development or testing)

  • Clone the repository
  • yarn install
  • yarn dev
  • The web connector will be running at http://localhost:3000
  • To work on the web connector, Tableau offers a Simulator (as the web connector cannot do anything useful on its own). See for more information on how to set this up.
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