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# Datenstrom Yellow language file
Language: en
LanguageLocale: en_GB
LanguageDescription: English
LanguageTranslator: Mark Seuffert
BlogBy: by
BlogTag: Tags:
BlogMore: Read more…
ContactName: Name:
ContactEmail: Email:
ContactMessage: Message:
ContactConsent: I consent that this website stores my message.
ContactButton: Send message
ContactStatusNone: Say hello. Your feedback is very welcome.
ContactStatusIncomplete: Please fill out all fields.
ContactStatusInvalid: Please enter a valid email.
ContactStatusDone: You have sent an email. Thank you!
ContactStatusError: Email could not be sent, please try again later!
DatePast: today, yesterday, @x days ago, 1 month ago, @x months ago, 1 year ago, @x years ago, on @x
DateFuture: soon, tomorrow, in @x days, in 1 month, in @x months, in 1 year, in @x years, on @x
DateMonths: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
DateWeekdays: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
DateWeekstart: Monday
DateFormatShort: F Y
DateFormatMedium: Y-m-d
DateFormatLong: Y-m-d H:i
EditLoginTitle: Welcome
EditLoginEmail: Email:
EditLoginPassword: Password:
EditLoginForgot: Forgot your password?
EditLoginSignup: Create user account?
EditLoginButton: Log in
EditSignupTitle: Create user account
EditSignupName: Name:
EditSignupEmail: Email:
EditSignupPassword: Password:
EditSignupConsent: I consent that this website stores my personal data.
EditSignupButton: Create
EditSignupStatusNone: Here you can create a new user account.
EditSignupStatusIncomplete: Please fill out all fields.
EditSignupStatusInvalid: Please enter a valid email.
EditSignupStatusWeak: Please enter a different password.
EditSignupStatusShort: Please enter a longer password.
EditSignupStatusNext: User account will be created, please check your emails.
EditForgotTitle: Forgot your password
EditForgotEmail: Email:
EditForgotStatusNone: No problem, you can create a new password.
EditForgotStatusInvalid: Please enter a valid email.
EditForgotStatusNext: User account will be recovered, please check your emails.
EditRecoverTitle: Forgot your password
EditRecoverPassword: Password:
EditRecoverStatusPassword: Please enter a new password.
EditRecoverStatusWeak: Please enter a different password.
EditRecoverStatusShort: Please enter a longer password.
EditRecoverStatusDone: User account recovered. Thank you!
EditQuitTitle: Delete user account
EditQuitStatusNone: Please enter your name to confirm.
EditQuitStatusMismatch: Please enter a different name.
EditQuitStatusNext: User account will be deleted, please check your emails.
EditConfirmSubject: Confirm user account
EditConfirmMessage: Hi @usershort,\n\nplease confirm your user account. Click the following link.
EditConfirmTitle: User account
EditConfirmStatusDone: User account confirmed and waiting for approval. Thank you!
EditApproveSubject: Approve user account
EditApproveMessage: Hi @usershort,\n\nplease approve a new user account for @useraccount. Click the following link.
EditApproveTitle: User account
EditApproveStatusDone: User account approved. Thank you!
EditReactivateSubject: Reactivate user account
EditReactivateMessage: Hi @usershort,\n\nplease reactivate your user account. There were too many failed login attempts. Click the following link.
EditReactivateTitle: User account
EditReactivateStatusDone: User account reactivated. Thank you!
EditVerifySubject: Confirm user account
EditVerifyMessage: Hi @usershort,\n\nplease confirm a new email for your user account. Click the following link.
EditVerifyTitle: User account
EditVerifyStatusDone: User account confirmed. Thank you!
EditChangeSubject: Change user account
EditChangeMessage: Hi @usershort,\n\nplease confirm that you want to change your user account. Click the following link.
EditChangeTitle: User account
EditChangeStatusDone: User account changed. Thank you!
EditRemoveSubject: Delete user account
EditRemoveMessage: Hi @usershort,\n\nplease confirm that you want to delete your user account. Click the following link.
EditRemoveTitle: User account
EditRemoveStatusDone: User account deleted. Thank you!
EditRecoverSubject: Recover user account
EditRecoverMessage: Hi @usershort,\n\nplease confirm that you forgot your password. Click the following link.
EditWelcomeSubject: Welcome
EditWelcomeMessage: Hi @usershort,\n\nyour user account has been created. Have fun editing the website.
EditGoodbyeSubject: Goodbye
EditGoodbyeMessage: Hi @usershort,\n\nyour user account has been deleted. Take care.
EditAccountTitle: User settings
EditAccountInformation: You can delete your user account anytime.
EditAccountMore: Read more…
EditAccountStatusNone: Here you can change your user account.
EditAccountStatusInvalid: Please enter a valid email.
EditAccountStatusTaken: Please enter a different email.
EditAccountStatusWeak: Please enter a different password.
EditAccountStatusShort: Please enter a longer password.
EditAccountStatusNext: User account will be changed, please check your emails.
EditSystemTitle: System settings
EditSystemSitename: Name of the website:
EditSystemAuthor: Name of the webmaster:
EditSystemEmail: Email of the webmaster:
EditSystemInformation: The webmaster is the contact person and can approve new user accounts.
EditSystemStatusNone: Here you can change system settings.
EditSystemStatusInvalid: Please enter a valid email.
EditUpdateTitle: Updates
EditUpdateStatusNone: Datenstrom Yellow is for people who make websites.
EditUpdateStatusCheck: Checking for updates…
EditUpdateStatusUpdates: Updates available, update now.
EditUpdateStatusOk: Your website is up to date.
EditUpdateModified: @extension has been modified
EditUpdateForce: Force update
EditOkButton: Ok
EditCancelButton: Cancel
EditChangeButton: Change
EditCreateButton: Create
EditEditButton: Save
EditDeleteButton: Delete
EditEdit: Edit page
EditCreate: +
EditDelete: -
EditKeyboardLabels: Ctrl+, Alt+, Shift+, ⌘, ⌥, ⇧
EditToolbarFormat: Format
EditToolbarHeading: Heading
EditToolbarH1: Heading 1
EditToolbarH2: Heading 2
EditToolbarH3: Heading 3
EditToolbarParagraph: Normal text
EditToolbarPre: Source code
EditToolbarNotice: Notice
EditToolbarQuote: Quote
EditToolbarBold: Bold
EditToolbarItalic: Italic
EditToolbarStrikethrough: Strikethrough
EditToolbarCode: Code
EditToolbarList: List
EditToolbarUl: • Unordered list
EditToolbarOl: 1. Ordered list
EditToolbarTl: ✓ Task list
EditToolbarLink: Link
EditToolbarFile: File
EditToolbarEmojiawesome: Emoji
EditToolbarFontawesome: Icon
EditToolbarDraft: Draft
EditToolbarUndo: Undo
EditToolbarRedo: Redo
EditToolbarPreview: Preview
EditToolbarMarkdown: Markdown
EditToolbarHelp: Help
EditDataGenerated: This page is generated automatically.
EditUploadProgress: [Uploading file…]
EditMenuSettings: Settings
EditMenuHelp: Help
EditMenuLogout: Logout
Error404Title: File not found
Error404Text: The requested file was not found. Oh no...
Error430Title: Login failed
Error430Text: The email or password is incorrect. [Please try again](javascript:yellow.action('login');).
Error434Title: File not found
Error434Text: The requested file was not found. [You can create this page](javascript:yellow.action('edit');).
Error500Title: Server error
Error500Text: Something went wrong. [yellow error]
InstallTitle: Hello
InstallExtension: What do you want to make?
InstallExtensionWebsite: Website
InstallExtensionBlog: Blog
InstallExtensionWiki: Wiki
InstallHomeTitle: Home
InstallHomeText: Your website works!\n\n[edit - You can edit this page] or use your text editor.\n\nYou can install more features and themes.\n[Learn more](
InstallAboutTitle: About
InstallAboutText: For people who make websites. [edit - Log in].
InstallFooterTitle: Footer
InstallFooterText: [Made with Datenstrom Yellow](
InstallDefaultTitle: Page
InstallDefaultText: This is a new page.
InstallBlogTitle: Blog page
InstallBlogText: This is a new blog page.
InstallWikiTitle: Wiki page
InstallWikiText: This is a new wiki page.
PagePrevious: ← Previous: @title
PageNext: Next: @title →
PaginationPrevious: ← Previous
PaginationNext: Next →
SearchResultsNone: Enter a search term.
SearchResultsEmpty: No results found.
SearchSpecialChanges: Recent changes
SearchButton: Search
TimeFormatShort: H:i
TimeFormatMedium: H:i:s
TimeFormatLong: H:i:s T
WikiModified: Last updated on
WikiTag: Tags:
WikiSpecialPages: All pages
WikiSpecialChanges: Recent changes
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