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Updated documentation, spring cleanup

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markseu committed May 13, 2019
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@@ -111,49 +111,4 @@ The following features are experimental:
* [Tunein](
Embed TuneIn Radio player.

The following features are obsolete:

* [Burgermenu](
A hamburger menu button.
* [Cheetjs](
Add easter eggs via key binds.
* [Dynamiccss](
A (very) small CSS preprocessor.
* [Events](
Yellow plugin for events that you have organised.
* [FAQ](
Yellow plugin for easy FAQ handling.
* [Fotorama](
A jQuery image gallery with carousel.
* [Imgpop](
CSS only image popup with dimmed background and subtitle.
* [InlineAttachment](
Drag and drop image upload for editing a page.
* [jQuery](
Add the power of jQuery to Yellow.
* [Justified Gallery](
Add Justified Gallery by Miro to Yellow.
* [Leaflet](
Embed maps and add markers with Leaflet & OpenStreetMap.
* [Maintenance](
Maintenance status for entire site or single page.
* [Markbar](
WYSIWYG style toolbar for editing a page.
* [Medialist](
Create a list of MP3/OGG/PDF media files.
* [Pagetxt](
Overwrite language entries in a page.
* [Skipto](
Enhance keyboard navigation.
* [Streamlist](
Stream your favorite radios in a playlist with HTML5 audio.
* [Sublime](
Sublime Text 3 Extensions for blogs based on Yellow.
* [Video](
HTML5 video player.
* [Webcli](
Use the command line interface without shell access.
* [YCSSG](
Image gallery in CSS only.

Want to make a new feature? [Use the example extension](
@@ -16,13 +16,4 @@ The following themes are available:
* [Stockholm](
Stockholm is a clean website theme.

The following themes are obsolete:

* [Buoa](
Buoa is a theme for a technical oriented blog/wiki.
* [Envisioned](
Envisioned is a minimalistic theme inspired by Edward Tufte.
* [Lateral](
Lateral is a clean theme with fixed sidebar, inspired by Indexhibit.

Want to make a new theme? [Use the Stockholm extension](

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