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The following features are available:

  • Blog: Blog for your website.
  • Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs navigation.
  • Bundle: Bundle website files.
  • Command: Run commands in a terminal window.
  • Contact: Email contact page.
  • Core: Core functionality for your website.
  • Disqus: Show Disqus comments on blog.
  • Draft: Support for draft pages.
  • Edit: Edit your website in a web browser.
  • Emojiawesome: Lots and lots of emoji.
  • Feed: Web feed with recent changes.
  • Fontawesome: Icons and symbols.
  • Gallery: Image gallery with popup.
  • Googlecalendar: Embed Google calendar.
  • Googlemaps: Embed Google maps.
  • Highlight: Highlight source code.
  • Image: Images and thumbnails.
  • Instagram: Embed Instagram photos.
  • Markdown: Text formatting for humans.
  • Matomo: Matomo web analytics.
  • Preview: Show pages with image preview.
  • Previousnext: Show links to previous/next page.
  • Release: Create releases for website update.
  • Search: Full-text search.
  • Sitemap: Sitemap for your website.
  • Slider: Image gallery with slider.
  • Soundcloud: Embed Soundcloud audio tracks.
  • Toc: Table of contents.
  • Traffic: Create traffic analytics from web server logfiles.
  • Twitter: Embed Twitter messages.
  • Update: Keep your website up to date.
  • Vimeo: Embed Vimeo videos.
  • Wiki: Wiki for your website.
  • Youtube: Embed Youtube videos.

The following features are experimental:

  • About: Author profile for blog pages.
  • Antispam: Alternative email address obfuscator.
  • Audio: HTML5 audio player.
  • Comments: Simple commenting system.
  • Example: Example extension for developers.
  • Include: Include page content from other pages.
  • Minishare: Light and accessible social sharing links.
  • Motd: Message of the day.
  • Podcast: Web feed optimized for podcast publishing.
  • Private: Create password-protected pages.
  • Random: Display random pages from specified location.
  • Selflink: Create internal links.
  • Shariff: Privacy-friendly social sharing buttons.
  • Socialtags: Adds Twitter and Open Graph meta tags.
  • Spoiler: Hide certain page elements.
  • Ticker: RSS feed parser.
  • Tunein: Embed TuneIn Radio player.

The following features are obsolete:

  • Burgermenu: A hamburger menu button.
  • Cheetjs: Add easter eggs via key binds.
  • Dynamiccss: A (very) small CSS preprocessor.
  • Events: Yellow plugin for events that you have organised.
  • FAQ: Yellow plugin for easy FAQ handling.
  • Fotorama: A jQuery image gallery with carousel.
  • Imgpop: CSS only image popup with dimmed background and subtitle.
  • InlineAttachment: Drag and drop image upload for editing a page.
  • jQuery: Add the power of jQuery to Yellow.
  • Justified Gallery: Add Justified Gallery by Miro to Yellow.
  • Leaflet: Embed maps and add markers with Leaflet & OpenStreetMap.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance status for entire site or single page.
  • Markbar: WYSIWYG style toolbar for editing a page.
  • Medialist: Create a list of MP3/OGG/PDF media files.
  • Pagetxt: Overwrite language entries in a page.
  • Skipto: Enhance keyboard navigation.
  • Streamlist: Stream your favorite radios in a playlist with HTML5 audio.
  • Sublime: Sublime Text 3 Extensions for blogs based on Yellow.
  • Video: HTML5 video player.
  • Webcli: Use the command line interface without shell access.
  • YCSSG: Image gallery in CSS only.

Want to make a new feature? Use the example extension.

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