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Feed 0.8.2

Web feed with recent changes. See demo.


How to install extension

  1. Download and install Datenstrom Yellow.
  2. Download extension. If you are using Safari, right click and select 'Download file as'.
  3. Copy into your system/extensions folder.

To uninstall delete the extension files.

How to use a feed

The feed is available on your website as http://website/feed/ and http://website/feed/page:feed.xml. It's a feed for the entire website, only visible pages are included. To make a blog feed open file system/settings/system.ini and change FeedFilter: blog. You can add a link to the feed somewhere on your website. See example below.

How to configure a feed

The following settings can be configured in file system/settings/system.ini:

FeedLocation = feed location
FeedFileXml = feed file name for RSS feed
FeedFilter = feed filter for layouts
FeedPaginationLimit = number of entries to show per page


Footer file with RSS feed:

Title: Footer
Status: hidden
[Made with Datenstrom Yellow](


Datenstrom. Get support.