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Slider 0.8.2

Image gallery with slider. See demo.


How to install extension

  1. Download and install Datenstrom Yellow.
  2. Download extension. If you are using Safari, right click and select 'Download file as'.
  3. Copy into your system/extensions folder.

To uninstall delete the extension files.

How to add an image gallery

Create a [slider] shortcut.

The following arguments are available, all but the first argument are optional:

Pattern = file name as regular expression
Style = gallery style, e.g. flickity
Size = image size, pixel or percent
Autoplay = play images automatically, delay time in milliseconds

The extension uses Flickity v2.0.9 by David DeSandro. It's licensed under GPLv3.


Adding an image gallery:

[slider photo.*jpg]
[slider photo.*jpg - 20%]
[slider photo.*jpg simple 20%]

Adding an image gallery, play automatically:

[slider photo.*jpg - - 1000]
[slider photo.*jpg - - 5000]
[slider photo.*jpg - 20% 5000]

Adding an image gallery from a subfolder, play automatically:

[slider photo-album/ - - 1000]
[slider photo-album/ - - 5000]
[slider photo-album/ - 20% 5000]


Datenstrom featuring David DeSandro. Get support.

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