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Command plugin 0.7.8

Run commands in a terminal window.


How to install plugin

  1. Download and install Datenstrom Yellow.
  2. Download plugin. If you are using Safari, right click and select 'Download file as'.
  3. Copy command.zip into your system/plugins folder.

To uninstall delete the plugin files.

How to run a command

Datenstrom Yellow offers commands that you run from within the installation folder. Open a terminal window. Go to your installation folder, where the yellow.php is. Type php yellow.php followed by more arguments. You can test your website and do much more from the command line. Learn more.

The plugin uses the cURL library by Daniel Stenberg to check links.


The following commands are available:

php yellow.php
Show available commands

php yellow.php build [directory location]
Build static website

php yellow.php check [directory location]
Check static files for broken links

php yellow.php clean [directory location]
Clean static files

php yellow.php release [directory]
Create software releases with the release plugin

php yellow.php traffic [days location filename]
Create traffic analytics with the traffic plugin

php yellow.php update [option feature]
Update website with the update plugin

php yellow.php user [option email password name]
Update user account with the edit plugin

php yellow.php version
Show software version and updates


Showing available commands:

php yellow.php

Datenstrom Yellow 0.7.5
Syntax: yellow.php build [directory location]
        yellow.php check [directory location]
        yellow.php clean [directory location]
        yellow.php release [directory]
        yellow.php traffic [days location filename]
        yellow.php update [option feature]
        yellow.php user [option email password name]
        yellow.php version


Datenstrom. Get support.