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Core plugin 0.7.8

Core functionality for your website.


How to install plugin

  1. Download and install Datenstrom Yellow.
  2. Download plugin. If you are using Safari, right click and select 'Download file as'.
  3. Copy core.zip into your system/plugins folder.

Do not delete the plugin files, they are always required.

How to use the core

The plugin provides the core functionality for your website. It takes care of requests from the web browser and access to the file system. You can use the web browser or the command line to show software version and updates. To show more information about your website add a [yellow] shortcut to a page. See example below.

How to configure the core

The following settings can be configured in file system/config/config.ini:

Sitename = name of the website
Author = webmaster's name
Email = webmaster's email
Language = default language
Timezone = default timezone
Theme = default theme
MultiLanguageMode = enable multi language mode, 1 or 0
SafeMode = enable content restrictions, 1 or 0

These are the most important settings. For a complete list see configuration file.


Content file with software version:

Title: Example page
This website is made with [yellow].

Content file with software version, including plugins and themes:

Title: Example page
This website is made with [yellow].

[yellow version]

Content file with error message:

Title: Server error
Something went wrong. [yellow error]


Datenstrom. Get support.