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Googlecalendar plugin 0.7.5

Embed Google calendar.


How to install plugin

  1. Download and install Datenstrom Yellow.
  2. Download plugin. If you are using Safari, right click and select 'Download file as'.
  3. Copy into your system/plugins folder.

To uninstall delete the plugin files.

How to embed a calendar

Create a [googlecalendar] shortcut.

The following arguments are available, all but the first argument are optional:

Id = public Google calendar, wrap multiple calendars into quotes
Mode = calendar mode, e.g. week, month, events, agenda
Date = start date or number of events, YYYY-MM-DD format
Style = calendar style, e.g. left, center, right
Width = calendar width, pixel or percent
Height = calendar height, pixel or percent

How to configure a calendar

The following settings can be configured in file system/config/config.ini:

GooglecalendarMode = calendar mode
GooglecalendarEntriesMax = number of events
GooglecalendarApiKey = your Google API key

The visual design of events and agenda can be adjusted in your theme.


Embedding a calendar:

[googlecalendar en.swedish#holiday]
[googlecalendar en.swedish#holiday week]
[googlecalendar en.swedish#holiday month - right 240 240]

Embedding a calendar, multiple calendars together:

[googlecalendar "sv.swedish#holiday, de.german#holiday, fr.french#holiday"]
[googlecalendar "sv.swedish#holiday, de.german#holiday, fr.french#holiday" week 2017-01-01]
[googlecalendar "sv.swedish#holiday#0044AA, de.german#holiday#AA0000, fr.french#holiday#00AA00" month 2017-01-01]

Embedding a calendar, events and agenda:

[googlecalendar de.german#holiday events]
[googlecalendar de.german#holiday events 5]
[googlecalendar de.german#holiday agenda 5]


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