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Image plugin 0.7.9

Images and thumbnails. See demo.


How to install plugin

  1. Download and install Datenstrom Yellow.
  2. Download plugin. If you are using Safari, right click and select 'Download file as'.
  3. Copy into your system/plugins folder.

To uninstall delete the plugin files.

How to add an image

Create an [image] shortcut.

The following arguments are available, all but the first argument are optional:

Name = file name
Alt = alternative text
Style = image style, e.g. left, center, right
Width = image width, pixel or percent
Height = image height, pixel or percent

The plugin uses GD graphics library by Thomas Boutell for resizing images.

How to configure an image

The following settings can be configured in file system/config/config.ini:

ImageLocation = location for images
ImageDir = directory for images
ImageAlt = alternative text
ImageUploadWidthMax = maximum width for upload, larger images are resized
ImageUploadHeightMax = maximum height for upload, larger images are resized
ImageUploadJpgQuality = JPG quality for uploaded images
ImageThumbnailLocation = location for thumbnails
ImageThumbnailDir = directory for thumbnails
ImageThumbnailJpgQuality = JPG quality for thumbnails


Adding an image:

[image picture.jpg]
[image picture.jpg Picture]
[image picture.jpg "This is an example image"]

Adding an image, different styles:

[image picture.jpg Example left]
[image picture.jpg Example centre]
[image picture.jpg Example right]

Adding an image, different sizes:

[image picture.jpg Example - 64 64]
[image picture.jpg Example - 320 200]
[image picture.jpg Example - 50%]


Datenstrom featuring Thomas Boutell. Get support.