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Datenstrom Yellow themes

Datenstrom Yellow

Datenstrom Yellow is for people who make websites. See demo.

  1. Download all themes and unzip them.
  2. Copy relevant files to your web hosting.
  3. Open your website in a web browser.

Official themes:

  • Berlin: Berlin is a simple and beautiful theme inspired by Dieter Rams.
  • Blogsite: Blogsite is a basic blogger theme.
  • Flatsite: Flatsite is a clean business theme.
  • Knowhow: Knowhow is a theme for a GitHub-like knowledge base.
  • Paris: Paris is an elegant theme for writers.
  • Stockholm: Stockholm is a modern business theme.

Experimental themes:

  • Buoa: Buoa is a theme for a technical oriented blog/wiki.
  • Envisioned: Envisioned is a minimalistic theme inspired by Edward Tufte.
  • Lateral: Lateral is a clean theme with fixed sidebar, inspired by Indexhibit.

We have a developer kit and an API for developers. Learn more.