Welcome to Datica's open-source repository of Mirth Transforms and supplementary resources!
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Datica Health, Inc.

Datica - Mirth Transforms

Welcome to Datica's open-source repository of Mirth Transforms and supplementary resources!


Here you can find and contribute to a growing community of content intitiated by Datica with the intent of making Mirthconnect-based integrations easier.


This section of the repo contains all of our standard JSON schemas for each HL7 message type, per HL7 version (currently only v2.3 but we will be adding more in the future).

Message Examples

Here we provide a couple of examples for each message type, and give you both the HL7 message and the JSON translation.

Channel Templates

These exported Mirth channels can be downloaded and imported right into your Mirth instance and get you underway on your integration in minutes. These are fully-functional templates that perform a variety of functions, such as translating an HL7 message to JSON or giving you the framework for building an HTTP Sender. All of the templates are XML files exported from version 3.4.1 of Mirth.


Here is where we store all of the individual segment-level transforms that make up the full spectrum of HL7-based Datica data translation.

Code Templates

This repository is where we store some useful code templates that can be downloaded and imported individually separate from the ones that come with the channels themselves. We'll continue to add to this directory as we build more and more useful code templates


For more information about Mirth, the above resources, or the Datica platform, check out Datica's guide to getting started with Mirth here: https://datica.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/115001535023-Mirth-Getting-Started