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Datica CKS Documentation

This is the documentation project for Datica's new Compliant Kubernetes Service.

How to use these docs

For comments, feedback and bugs, please create an issue.

If you're just wanting to write or edit documentation you can do that in the source/sections directory. All documentation is written in markdown. For brand new articles to show up, you'll need to add the file path to the index.html.erb file in the source directory. The order in which articles show is based on their order in this file, so please keep that in mind.

In addition to proper ordering, please name and number your articles based on their order. Example: This ensure articles are in proper order.

Note: All files show up automatically in the left nav. h1 tags should not be used. h2 tags indicate new guides, like Getting started. h3 tags are subsections of the guides. h4 tags can be used, but they do not show up in the left nav.

How to view the docs locally

If you'd like to view the docs locally, run the following commands: