Scripts for doing morphological parser-based research via an OLD web service
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OLD Parser Research

The OLD Parser Research library contains utilities and examples to help with performing research involving the morphological parser functionality of a live OLD application.


Probably the most useful general-purpose script is which is a thin OLD-specific wrapper around the Python Requests library. This module facilitates HTTP-based interaction with a live OLD web service. Assuming that you have an OLD web service ( being served at on port 5000, an example of usage of is as follows:

>>> import oldclient
>>> old = oldclient.OLDClient('', '5000')
>>> old.login('yourusername', 'yourpassword') # True
>>> forms = old.get('forms') # `forms` is a list of dicts
>>> forms[0]['transcription'] # u'transcription value'

Example foma phonology scripts in resources/

The resources/ directory contains example phonology scripts written in the regular expression rewrite rule formalism accepted by FST programs like foma and XFST. Example usage is as follows:

$ foma
foma[0]: source resources/blackfoot_phonology_frantz91.script
foma[0]: regex phonology ;
foma[1]: down nit-ihpiyi # Returns nitsspiyi and nitsiihpiyi

See the foma page ( for more details.

Other potentially useful files

Module that defines the ParserResearcher class which represents an OLD researcher which creates form searches, corpora, phonologies, morphologies, LMs, and parsers, and which provides conveniences for storing representations of these locally and for parsing and testing parsers.

Executable that exemplifies using the functionality in (and in in order to perform parser-based research on a specific language via an OLD web service. While language-specific and rife with ad hoc code, it may be useful as an example.