Autonomous Racing Car using NVIDIA Jetson TX2 using end-to-end driving approach. Paper:
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Jetson Autonomous RC Car

Autonomous RC Race Car using ROS and Keras/TensorFlow. Inspired by JetsonHacks

Repository Contents

  • /docs - research papers, documents, photos related to this project
  • /setup - Firmwares for Teensy 3.2 & SparkFun IMU Sensor + Set up instructions for Jetson TK1
  • /src - ROS source directory (ROS Nodes and Launch files)

Setup Instruction:

Please check docs/setup/

Usage Example

  • Open a new terminal
  • Open another new terminal
roslaunch controller manual.launch
  • Use joystick to test drive around

* From Joystick, press Right Trigger button to activate Autopilot
  • In order to stop, press the small Right button to stop Autopilot



  • JetsonHacks website provides helpful tips and tricks to work with Jetson TK1. JetsonHacks nicely simplifies the installation process with many ready-to-use scripts
  • DuckieTown, an MIT Course, is a great place to learn about developing autonomous vehicles.
  • UPenn F1/10 Tutorials give a nice introduction to ROS, Hardware installation, and System Architecture for RC Car.