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DatoCMS Product roadmap

This project is going to be used to share the development roadmap of DatoCMS.

The purpose of this repo is to make our internal devlopment more transparent and to allow an open interaction with DatoCMS's community.


Jump to the Roadmap project to see what we are working on. We'll update it every two weeks to reflect our progresses and to reprioritise the incoming feature requests.

Feature request

If you are missing a feature or if you have an idea for additional functionality, please help us to improve by submitting an issue to this GitHub repository.

Try following our template when opening a new feature request.

Bug report

If you find a bug feel free to open an issue here using the bug report template.

But if you are a customer and you have a problem that blocks you, head to our support page and carry on from there. We'll be able to provide you a more timely support.

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