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Day of Datomic

The Day of Datomic project is a collection of samples and tutorials for learning Datomic at a Clojure REPL.

Getting Started

Start a REPL:

# with lein 1
lein repl

# with lein 2
lein trampoline repl

Work through some of the tutorials in the tutorial directory, evaluating each form at the REPL. You might start with:

  • hello_world.clj
  • social_news.clj
  • provenance.clj
  • datalog_on_defrecords.clj
  • data_functions.clj
  • binding.clj
  • graph.clj

You can also run all of the examples and see their output by running:

lein run -m datomic.samples.tutorials

Study the Samples

As or after you work through the tutorial, you may want to also study the helper functions in src/datomic/samples.

Questions, Feedback?

For specific feedback on the tutorials, please create an issue.

For questions about Datomic, try the public mailing list.


This library is developed internally by Cognitect. Issues can be filed using Github Issues. We do not accept pull request or patches.


EPL. See epl-v10.html at the project root.