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Currently contains a single, literate example, analogous to Tendermint's kvstore.go.


$ lein kv

The above invocation'll bind to io.datopia/abci's default port: 26658. Assuming you've pointed a Tendermint process at same (--proxy_app=tcp://...), you can issue transactions with bin/insert-map, which communicates with Tendermint's HTTP API over port 26657 (unless --port=N is specified):

$ echo '{:a 1}'     | bin/insert-map
$ echo '{:b ["c"]}' | bin/insert-map --port=26000'

Local Cluster

When developing, it's most convenient to point a single tendermint process at an io.datopia/abci application running in a REPL --- though it's relatively simple to setup a local cluster, if that's your thing. With docker-compose, and our tragic compose file, you'll be minting blocks in no time.

As-is, the compose config sets up a 3 node cluster, with containerized Tendermint instances connecting to JVMs running on the host. Using Tendermint via Docker confers practical benefits (ease of testing across versions, etc.), though these don't extend to the Clojure example application/s, hence the container → host architecture.

example$ rm -rf /tmp/testnet && bin/setup
example$ docker-compose up
example$ ABCI_PORT=26658 lein kv &
example$ ABCI_PORT=26659 lein kv &
example$ ABCI_PORT=26660 lein kv &
example$ echo '{:a [1]}' | bin/insert-map --port=26671
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