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Table of contents

DataHub frontend in Node.js.

Build Status

Quick Start

Clone the repo, install dependencies using yarn (or npm), and run the server:

# or npm install
yarn install
npm start

Env vars

We use .env file for loading environment variables. Please use the provided env.template as a template:

  • SITE_URL - FQ base URL of the site, e.g.
  • API_URL - FQ base URL of the API endpoint, e.g.
  • BITSTORE_URL - base URL for the bitstore (pkgstore) e.g.

When running locally, use test api address in .env:


See the docs for more information.


The JavaScript portion of the app, which is responsible for rendering views, comes from a different repo. That repo must be submoduled in and then built:

git submodule init && git submodule update

To build the CSS:

  1. Install sass

  2. Run:

    sass --watch public/sass:public/stylesheets

Now run the server:

export API_URL=
export dev=true
npm start

To run in watch mode:

# Note the -e which means we watch for changes in templates too
nodemon -e "js html" index.js

To run tests (make sure all environment variables are set):

yarn test


We use Google Tag Manager to manage all tags (eg, google analytics, optimize and more) so instead of adding a new script into templates, you should consider editing via UI of Tag Manager.


  1. When pushing any commit to the master branch, it triggers a build on the Deploy repo which then creates a pull request there.
  2. The changes in frontend are auto deployed to the staging site of DataHub, located at
  3. Once the staging site looks as expected, deployment to production happens by merging the automatically created pull request from step 1.
  4. That's it! Just wait for about 5 minutes and you should be able to see the changes reflected on