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Ckanext Dataexplorer

Table of contents

Getting started

This extension allows users to create a subset of a uploaded resource (CSV, XML, TSV) by using the filters from the Data Explorer. Once a filter is applied users are able to download the filtered data from the Data Explorer.


This extension requires CKAN > 2.7.x version.


Development installation

To install ckanext-dataexplorer for development, activate your CKAN virtualenv and do:

git clone
cd ckanext-dataexplorer
python develop
pip install -r requirements.txt

All code MUST follow PEP8 Style Guide. Most editors have plugins or integrations and automatic checking for PEP8 compliance so make sure you use them.

You should add a pre-commit hook that will check for PEP8 errors. Follow the next steps to enable this check.

  1. Make sure you have installed the PEP8 style checker:
$ pip install pycodestyle
  1. In the .git/hooks folder which is located inside the project's root directory, create a file named pre-commit and inside put this code.
  2. Make pre-commit executable by running this command:
$ chmod +x ckanext-dataexplorer/.git/hooks/pre-commit

Now, every time you commit code, the pre-commit hook will run and check for PEP8 errors.

Running the Tests

To run the tests, first make sure that you have installed the required development dependencies in CKAN, which can be done by running the following command in the CKAN's src directory:

pip install -r requirements.txt

After that just type this command to actually run the tests in the extension.

nosetests --ckan --with-pylons=test.ini

To run the tests and produce a coverage report, first make sure you have coverage installed in your virtualenv (pip install coverage) then run:

nosetests --nologcapture --with-pylons=test.ini --with-coverage --cover-package=ckanext.dataexplorer --cover-inclusive --cover-erase --cover-tests