Powerful data sharing from your desktop
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Dat Desktop

Peer to peer data sharing app built for humans.


Table of Content


To run the app locally check out our download guide or install directly from the command line using Homebrew Cask. Currently only MacOS is supported.

$ brew update && brew cask install dat


$ npm install             # install dependencies
$ npm start               # start the application
$ npm run dist            # compile the app into an ASAR file to release
$ npm start --dat=<dir>   # change the path for new dat archives (default ~/Downloads)

Directory structure

elements/      Standalone application-specific elements
lib/           Generalized components, should be moved out of project later
models/        Choo models
pages/         Views that are directly mounted on the router
public/        Various assets
scripts/       Various scripts used to build and manage the repository
app.js         Client application entry file
index.html     Initial HTML served
index.js       Electron application entry


How can I speed up downloading Electron?

If you’re Europe / US you might want to use a different mirror for electron. You can set the ELECTRON_MIRROR variable to point to a different provider:

# Europe / US
$ npm install

# Asia / Oceania
$ ELECTRON_MIRROR="https://npm.taobao.org/mirrors/electron/" npm install