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Build Status

API Registry Client for publishing dats. By default, the client is capable of registering, login, and publishing to

dat-registry allows users to interact with and publish dats to your registry via the dat command line. Supporting this module on your registry will allow a user to login and publish:

dat login
dat publish


npm install dat-registry

Quick Example

var Registry = require('dat-registry')

var registry = Registry()

registry.login({email: 'karissa', password: 'my passw0rd r0cks!'}, function () {
    name: 'animal-names',
    url: 'dat://378d23adf22df',
    title: 'Animal Names',
    description: 'I did a study on animals for a very important Nature study, here are the spreadsheets with raw animals in them.'
  }, function (err, resp, json) {
    if (err) throw err
    if (resp.statusCode === 400) console.error(data.message)
    console.log('Published successfully!')
    // Created a nickname for a dat at ``


var registry = Registry([opts])

  • opts.server: the registry server. Default is
  • opts.apiPath: registery server API path, e.g. we use /api/v1 for This will overwrite default township routes to use server + apiPath.
  • opts.config.filename: defaults to ~.datrc instead of township defaults.

Other options are passed to township-client, these include:

opts = {
  config: {
    filepath: '~/.townshiprc' // specify a full config file path 
  routes: { // routes for ALL township servers used by client
    register: '/register',
    login: '/login',
    updatePassword: '/updatepassword'

registry.login(data, cb)

Requires and data.password.

registry.register(data, cb)

Requires data.username,, and data.password.


Will callback with logout success or failure.

var user = registry.whoami([opts])

Returns user object with currently logged in user. See township-client for options.


registry.dats.create(data, cb)

Must be logged in. Requires a unique and unique data.url. Dat will be immediately available on the /:username/:name.

Accepts also any fields in a dat.json file.

registry.dats.get([data], cb)

Returns all dats that match the given (optional) querystrings.

registry.dats.update(data, cb)

registry.dats.delete(data, cb)

registry.users.get([data], cb)

registry.users.update(data, cb)

registry.users.delete(data, cb)