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Dat Project Governance

Dat Project and Dat Protocol are led by three teams:

  • Dat Project Governance Team (this repo): support the strategy and vision for Dat Project, led by core Dat Project members and long-time outside contributors. This group will also be involved in financial and legal decisions regarding the Dat Project.
  • Dat Protocol Working Group: advance the protocol development and third-party implementations. This group will document all aspects of the Dat Protocol specification and make protocol decisions moving forward.
  • Dat Community Team (wip): uphold community values and foster a welcoming community, and maintain the Code of Conduct.

In creating these leadership teams and working groups, we aim to ensure a wide variety of stakeholders are involved in strategic and technical decisions. Additionally, we want to provide a pathway to leadership for people from a variety of organizations and with various backgrounds and types of professional expertise.

Governance Team

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For details, see this blog post