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Dat Project - 2018 MOSS Grant

In August 2018, Dat Project received a Mozilla Open Source Support grant to support community building, protocol documentation, and related tooling. Our grant application, reports, and all related documentation will be recorded here.


1. Community Experience Research (3 weeks)

  • Conduct survey of existing community members
  • Research & document examples of conditions for community growth
  • Run user tests on existing on-boarding with select members from representative user groups.

2. Dat.Land Community Prototype (4 weeks)

  • Tutorial/Cookbook section covering 5-10 Dat development use cases
  • Area for showcasing Dat-built applications, encourage “dogfooding”
  • New developer on-boarding funnel
  • Process for adding community-driven pages with 2-3 examples

3. Dat Documentation & Implementation Guide (9 weeks)

  • DEPs updates - complete specifications for all existing implementations
  • Dat Protocol Book - complete implementation guide for Hypercore module
  • Dat Project documentation updates (docs.datproject.org) with support for internationalization
  • Identify high-priority documentation needs for dependent modules
  • Continued development & support for dat.land community building


We will publish reports here when they are completed. Reports can include: how work went relative to expectations, any technical tradeoffs required, any new issues discovered, explanations of any changes from original SoW. Reports are no longer than 1-2 pages of bullet points.

  1. Report #1 (Due after completion of Milestone 1)
  2. Report #2 (Due after completion of Milestones 2 - 3)
  3. Final Blog Post - Detail what we were able to accomplish with MOSS award.