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Dat Enhancement Proposals

#dat IRC channel on freenode datproject/discussions docs

This repository contains a series of "Dat Enhancement Proposal" (DEP) documents, part of the dat protocol development and standardization process.

Accepted proposals will be viewable at New (draft) proposals and discussion can be viewed on github under "Pull requests".

These documents might be interesting reading to anybody wanting to learn more about protocol nitty gritties or the consensus process, but the documentation at is specifically written with end-users and application developers in mind.

The Process

TL;DR: write up an DEP markdown file; submit a github PR; revise per review; community will either accept (merges PR) or not (closes PR). See the "DEP Process" meta-DEP for details.

For now this process is as simple and informal; as the number of dat developers and users grows, it may become more formal. Precedents and inspiration include:

Fine Print

The contents of this repository are all under a CC-BY (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0) license unless otherwise noted.

Contributors and discussion participants are expected to abide by the Dat Project Code of Conduct.


Dat Enhancement Proposals. Contains all specs for the Dat protocol, including drafts.



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