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Netty Support for Ring
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No longer developed

As an alternative, please see aleph


This repo adds (experimental/alpha) Netty support to Ring

(use 'ring.adapter.netty)

(defn app [req]
  {:status  200
   :headers {"Content-Type" "text/html"}
   :body    "Hello World from Ring-Netty"})

(run-netty app {:port 8080})

You can try out the demos; they are the same as the ones in the Ring repository, except here they use netty as the backend server instead of jetty.

$ lein jar

$ java -cp "lib/*:*" clojure.main example/hello_world.clj

$ java -cp "lib/*:*" clojure.main example/wrapping.clj

$ java -cp "lib/*:*" clojure.main example/linted.clj

Currently there are 2 branches: master (clojure 1.1) and compat-1.2 for clojure 1.2 support. The only difference is proxy vs reify (reify performs better).

I'm getting roughly 7k req/s with 1.1 and 9.5k req/s with 1.2 using an unscientific benchmark on my not-quite-so-new machine.


To use the netty backend, include ring-netty-adapter in your project.clj's :dependencies

[ring-netty-adapter "0.0.3"]

Next steps:

  • squash any bugs that pop up
  • ssl support
  • websockets, comet