Change name to avoid conflicts with other projects. #9

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dominikmayer commented May 30, 2011

There are four other projects named "Pymodoro" on github, probably even more hosted elsewhere.

Possible Alternatives:

  • Pomodoro-Status
  • Pomodoro-Bar
  • Pomodoro-Tracker
  • Xmodoro
  • ...

dattanchu commented May 30, 2011

I agree that pymodoro is not a good name. We do come up 1st in Google for "Pomodoro xmobar" though. Originally, I thought of Barmodoro but since I want to provide support for Dzen in the future, it might be such a great idea.

In the names you suggested, I prefer Pomodoro-Status the most. I am hoping to get a name which clearly shows:

  • It's pomodoro related
  • It's xmobar/dzen related

dominikmayer commented May 30, 2011

Maybe xmobar/dzen is too narrow. Right now, the script may be used by everything that can show its output. Status bars are an obvious use case but probably not the only one.


dattanchu commented May 31, 2011

Hmm, I agree. What do we need to do to change the project name to Pomodoro-Status?


dominikmayer commented Jun 19, 2011

Another thought: The script is tailored to work with Pomodoros, but it's not restricted to it. You can also use it as a tea timer...


johntyree commented Aug 12, 2011

This isn't 1995 either. You don't have to name the project "Pomodoro Timer in Python" for it to be found in search engines. Keywords in the README/WIKI notes will do fine. Why not name it something unique which conveys the purpose and not the arbitrary metadata about the project. That way when you take off and get scooped up by IBM you'll sound more credible. :D

"FocusMe", "WorkThenPlay", etc. You know?

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