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Postman productivity utility - developer-friendly YAML converter
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PM+ Utility

Productivity tools for those who worked on postman collections.

This tool is designed to convert existing JSON (collection) files to YAML format, with a little restructuring of the schema.

How To Use

Install via npm i -g pm-plus and then go to the directory with postman collections and then type pm+ convert '*.json'

Or for development mode, git clone this repo and then run npm i && npm link

The end result is to have maintainable code which is easy to review and edit, without the need for the Postman App.

name: Sample Postman Collection
description: A sample collection to demonstrate collections as a set of related requests
ver: 1.0.0
  - A simple GET request:
      GET: ''
      headers: {}
      body: {}
      test: |-
        pm.test('expect response be 200', function () {
        pm.test('expect response json contain args', function () {

instead of JSON

  "info": {
    "name": "Sample Postman Collection",
    "schema": ""
  "item": [
      "name": "A simple GET request",
      "event": [
          "listen": "test",
          "script": {
            "exec": [
              "pm.test('expect response be 200', function () {",
              "pm.test('expect response json contain args', function () {",
              "    pm.expect(pm.response.json().args)'source')",
              "      .and.equal('newman-sample-github-collection')",
            "type": "text/javascript"
      "request": {
        "header": [],
        "body": {},
        "method": "GET",
        "url": {
          "raw": "",
          "host": [
          "path": [


  • pm+ convert pattern.(json|yaml) convert between JSON and YAML format
  • pm+ run pattern.(json|yaml) [URL] run file in newman, optionally providing URL as domain variable
  • pm+ < curl.txt convert from curl command to YAML

Also included some handy macros: set, clear, include for the YAML file.

Using as Module

import { convert, run } from 'pm-plus'


run('*.json', { url: 'https://...', exclude: 'string | regex' }).then(...)
  • exclude (optional): to filter files from the glob pattern based on string (contains) or regex
  • url (optional): behaves the same as in command line



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