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require 'pycall/import'
include PyCall::Import
pyfrom :sklearn, import: :datasets
pyfrom :sklearn, import: :svm
pyfrom :'sklearn.model_selection', import: :train_test_split
digits = datasets.load_digits()
puts digits.images[0]
# Our digits are stored in a 2 dimensional array lets flatten each before we can train the model
# Get number of samples
samples = digits.images.shape[0]
# Reshape array
X = digits.images.reshape([samples,-1])
# Split set into a training set and a test set
X_train, X_test, y_train, y_test = train_test_split(X,, test_size: 0.2, random_state:
# Initialize a SVM with gamma=0.001
clf =
# Fit with training data, y_train)
# Score our fit using the test data
classification_score = clf.score(X_test,y_test)
puts "Prediction score for our SVM #{(classification_score*100).round(2)}%"
# Do a prediction for one sample
puts clf.predict([X_test[0]])
# Reshape back to 2 dimmensions and print
puts X_test[0].reshape(8,8)